Full-Figured Fashion A Hit In Jamaica

20090802T200000-0500_156636_OBS_TRACEY_WOODS_GIVING_FULL_FIGURED_WOMEN_THEIR_FILL_OF_FASHION_1Women in Jamaica who are not model-slim are having a grand time, thanks to Tracey Woods. Her story is that she got tired of having to go to a dressmaker each time she wanted new clothes. Instead of having someone else make clothes that would fit her, she decided to start her own clothing line that would cater to full-figured women like herself. Hence the birth of Curvy Lady.

Woods started up her business with her sister, and they began with lingerie. Soon, their clients asked for more – dresses, pants, etc. Now, their line has expanded to carry all sorts of outfits from the casual to the semi-formal outfits.

One unique thing about Curvy Lady clothing is that they are not the basic blacks which are usually suggested for plus size women. Instead, Woods believes in the idea that plus size women should experiment with various colors as well. As a result, her clothing line is a mix of all colors. She says that the important thing is that her clothes accentuate the positive points that each woman has. More so, she says that she prioritizes her clients’ comfort, and that comfort leads to confidence, which in turn leads to a stunning look.

Her customers seem to agree with her, as her business has grown over the years.

What I am thinking is that I wish there would be more people like her in other parts of the world. While we have plus size clothing in many major stores, I think that we could use more of them, don’t you think?

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