Scarves, Style, and Celebrities

I never thought of myself a scarf person. As a student living in Paris in the early 90’s, I sometimes donned the “cravat” look, tying an Hermes scarf (or one that looked like it) around my neck, above my navy blazer, complete with shoulder pads. Very 90’s Eurotrash. Since then, scarves have not been an essential in my wardrobe, except for when the weather dictated. Until a trip to Laos last month.

In Laos I discovered the most beautiful scarves. Gorgeous designs, intricate weaves, they were so many to choose from (at great prices), and best of all they were soft and wearable.  I went crazy in the Luang Prabang night market (a veritable treasure trove of scarves and embroidered linens) and came home with 10 scarves for me plus some for presents (which the recipients loved). What an amazing place that was.

But back to scarves. Since then, I’ve rarely been without my beloved scarves (great for all weather I’ve discovered since the sweltering heat of Laos).  I find that it completes my look and adds that little extra bit of style. Even my fashion-forward 6-year-old loves scarves, and I must say they look fab on her.

In Hollywood, scarves are almost a necessity (for the stylish at least), as seen on Nicole, Lindsay, Jessica et al. In fact, they’ve all been wearing them since last spring, by both men and women. There’s even been a book written about celebrities and their knitted scarves aptly called “Celebrity Scarves“, written by Abra Edelman. Aside from great photos of the celebs in their own creations (people like Daryl Hannah, Rosario Dawson, Eartha Kitt, Portia de Rossi and Parker Posey), it gives instructions on how to recreate the scarves yourself if you happen to be a knitter.

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  1. Fashion Bug says

    They were actually dirt cheap in Laos. All those ones you find online are about 10-20x the cost in Luang Prabang!

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