Getting Ready for Spring 2012

New Year’s resolutions be damned. What I’m interested in right now is getting all ready for Spring 2012.

So is your wardrobe ready for the upcoming spring? Do you know which clothes to toss out and which ones to keep? If you’re still figure out how to do some spring cleaning in your closet even before spring itself arrives, here are some suggestions on some items you might want to keep:

  • Keep all light clothing that are predominantly or have more than a hint of the top colors for Spring 2012. WeConnectFashion says that these colors are poppy, geranium, orangeade, canary, grass, tiffany blue, hyacinth, ink, honey, and sandstone. So unless your wardrobe is incredibly monochromatic, you’ll probably be able to keep a lot of key pieces that you can mix and match with newer items.
  • Aside from items that are of the above color, you should also Fashionising advices that you keep your wide leg pants, tuxedo jackets, high slit dress, leather harness,and clothes with the 60’s Peter Pan collar. Just make sure that when you do take them out for spring, you pair them up with more spring-friendly items. This means trading your leather boots for sandals, lighter garments (i.e. cotton), and lighter colors (including the top colors for spring 2012).
  • Last but not least, don’t toss out everything else just because they won’t do for spring. Remember, what won’t do for spring might be great for next year’s fall/winter fashion. Just store them and take them out for the next season. If you do find that most of the things you put in storage just doesn’t cut it next year, then you can always give them away then.


Photo Credit: Spring Colors 2012 via WeConnectFashion

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